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Virtual Reality Headset Dimensions

Front, the desired resolution is: 
1980px wide x 2640px tall | 6.6in x 8.8in @ 300ppi
Side, the desired resolution is:
3840px wide x 1440px tall | 12.8in x 4.8in @ 300ppi

Trim Line: This is where we aim to cut your headset. No text or graphics (except background) should be touching the edge of the trim.
Bleed Line: Make sure that your background extends the bleed line to avoid your VR headset from having visible white edges when trimmed. 

Recommended File Types

RubyVR accepts a range of different formats. These are: TIFF, PNG, JPEG, AI, PDF. Be certain to deliver to files with 300+ ppiwhen pixels per inch is less than 300, the image might look blocky or 'pixellated'. 

These are the formats we recommend:

• For photos/photography: high resolution TIFFs or JPEGs
• For Text, Iconography & Graphics: print-ready, vector based PDFs
• For a mix of graphics and photography: print-ready PDFs

    Can Ruby make my company a Custom Headset design?

    If you're interested in learning more about our in-house design packages, please contact us. Our customer service team is here to help you and your business out.

    Visit our custom VR headset design gallery and get inspired!